a project by maddalena forcella and santiago borja

Broken landscape consists in an architectural installation that highlights the relationship in between weaving and architecture through the use of traditional Mexican textiles that will create a floating platform above the the hexagonal platform in the gartden.

As the the german architecture historian Gottfried Semper claimed by the middle of 19th Century, we believe that the origin of architecture is connected to textiles, and that the idea of weaving materials, being sticks or rocks, is essential to architecture. We are certain it responds to the same logic. As the latin root of the word texere suggests, textile is not only related to architecture but also to writing as in the word text.

Broken Landscape, would work as a metaphor of all these three elements put together; being at the same time architecture, textile as also text, through the symbolic use we will be making of a traditional mayan motif, that most certainly could be understood as text.

For Broken landscape we plan to deconstruct a traditionnal Mexican textile motif and create a fragmented platform that could have many uses, ranging from a contemplation or meditation space to a sun-bathing deck. We want to create a broken surface that creates different environments, and that even if used by many people at a time could give certain privacy to each individual. In this sense we would like to address dialectically the concept of the Tirennial, “weaving and we”. Being together, create a community, but also have the posibility to be in your own space.

The form of the deck comes from a traditional pattern from the southeastern region of Mexico and represents a twinkling star. This design is a traditional motif from the maya tzotzil people in the Chiapas mountains where the Zaptista movement broke into scene in 1994.

We dyed the wool fabric using the cochineal accord to an ancient recipe to achieve a scarlet red and the traditional mayan  recipe to get the shining “chamula”black.

Finally, we would like to mention that Broken Landscape will also produce a sensorial experience beyond the conceptual argument sketched before, through the contact to a very peculiar material, soft and sensous at the same time, and that most probably will reconnect us with a much more primeval approach to things.