About the project

FORT DA // SAMPLER is a site-specifc installation by Mexico City-based artist Santiago Borja. The artist and his collaborators have erected a temporary, functioning textile loom transforming the roof of architect Richard Neutra’s family home. Borja’s architectural intervention encourages new readings of this place, and what he sees as the elusive nature of “magical thinking” embedded in Modernism. The project grows from the formal similarities between modern abstract geometry and Mayan patterning used to represent the cosmos.
In a free association manner, like in a trans-cultural patchwork, Santiago Borja links Neutra, Freud, and Mayan textile weavers.


Project for the Neutra VDL Research House II by Santiago Borja, with Maddalena Forcella and El Camino de los Altos.

With generous support from

Fundación/ Colección Jumex
SNCA-FONCA Conaculta
g727 Gallery
Neutra VDL Research House